Point of view

This point of view never really gets spoken of and we are all for putting ourselves first, which is fine but isn’t everyone just doing the same thing? So why do we get so upset or angry when someone cuts us off, I get it hurts but we are all just working on a better life and that means cutting people off.

I feel like sometimes we can all play the victim a little too often, we only think of ourselves and our own happiness. Sometimes we need to remember that, in this world, everyone is just trying to make themselves happy, and really, isn’t that the only real goal we can have in our lives, is to accomplish happiness, to make the world a little less miserable each day?

So please remember, despite the fact that it may hurt you,

People are allowed to leave you; people are allowed to not talk to you; people are allowed to cut you out of their lives; people are allowed to break up with you; people are allowed to put their happiness before yours, people can do what they need to become a better version of themselves.

You are not going to be needed by everyone you meet, nor are you going to need everyone you meet, it’s life and at the end of the day we can’t let it get to us.

Everyone’s just trying to better themselves, to make themselves into person they can love and to create a life of their own, we won’t always be apart of that and that’s fine!

Sometimes we forget that. We forget people are doing the same as us, we don’t always know where someone’s at with their life and that’s okay, it’s okay.

You’re not always going to be everyone’s cup of tea, don’t take it to heart. Think about the amount of people you’ve cut from your life for whatever reason, everyone’s got their reasons.



Everyone needs that someone, that person that blurs the lines, the one that makes the universe seem so small, so simple. The person that saves you from the monsters in your head and the ones under your bed.

Find someone that makes everything disappear, the person that shows you happiness happens. The person that shows you how easy life is supposed to be, how unimportant anyone else is bar the two of you.Find the person that makes the world stop spinning, the person that makes everything you were worried about earlier that day vanish. When you find them you know you’ve got everything you need, weather tomorrow comes or not doesn’t matter because the present is all you need.

Find that person that keeps the lights on when the world seems dark, that person that mid laugh you realise you’ve found out what pure happiness is, that’s the secret to life.

Find them and don’t let them go.

Friends are the family you choose

Best Friends are the family you choose, the people that are there, every day or close to it. The people that take up the roles of your personal counsellor, side kick, lover, wingman and become closer to you than your parents, closer than your siblings and somehow they play the rolls of both. They’re the people that hold your secrets in their hearts, hold your hair after night out, and hold your hand through the rough times. The ones that are there for the good days, the bad and everything in between.

Learning the difference between a best friend and a toxic friend is one of the toughest, confusing things you have to do growing up. Phasing out the fake friends and being true to your real friends can be hard, it’ll be confusing learning that some of the closest people, the people that you thought would be there forever are nothing more than a learning curve in your life. Just remember friendship is a two way thing and unless both sides are working for the friendship it’s totally pointless and it won’t last, keep in mind also that a busy friend isn’t a bad friend. We all have our own lives and sometimes we get busy.

Knowing your worth is important in learning to say goodbye to those people that just aren’t treating you right. Knowing that you’re worth more than being used and abused is honestly so critical, not only to the friendship but to your own well being. You don’t deserve to be used for all that you’ve got, your car, your money, your clothes, I in fact have been used for all of those things multiple times, before I realised that I didn’t have to put up with it.

And that’s it really, sometimes you don’t actually want to stick up for yourself or call that person out for using you, treating you like shit or betraying you, because you don’t wanna loose what you have with them. I get stuck in this limbo more than I’d like to admit, do I say something and ruin this friendship or do I continue to put up with the bullshit and hope the good outweighs the bad? But there’s roughly a bazillion other people in the world and most of them would probably be a better friend than the person you’re in limbo with. There’s more people out there than you realise so the people in your life right now aren’t necessarily the best people for you, so you’ve got to learn to let go.

Meet new people, find new friends, join a cult, actually ignore that last thing. But seriously put yourself out there, if you’re worried that all your so called friends are falling into the shitty side of things and you’re afraid you’re going to be left with nobody just put yourself out there, talk to someone new, talk to someone old, that you haven’t spoken to since school, reconnect. The circle you’ve put yourself in isn’t the entire world, I can’t stress that enough!

Also, I believe everyone deserves a second chance. Sometimes it takes losing a friend to realise how much you need them and they need you. Giving someone a second chance is important to you both, people do make mistakes and take you for granted, we are only human, but giving that second chance means you both grow as friends and learn how not to act, you learn how the other person expects to be treated. Like a do over, give someone the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and do it right the second time around. Never give more than a second chance though, if a person hurts you more than once it’s no longer a mistake but a choice. Don’t let someone have the power to hurt and betray you again, you look like a mug, feel like an idiot and you gain nothing from it.

Lastly don’t be a shit friend yourself. Check in on your friends, see how their day was, ask them about life, be concerned and be genuine. It’s all well and good to pick out your toxic friends but recognising whether or not you’re one is way more important. Be kind and considerate and as they say treat others how you want to be treated. Be grateful and cherish the people closest to you, love your friends and look after them. Love them hard

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Right, since we are still pretty fresh into 2018 and most people haven’t given up on the whole ‘new year, new me’ attitude yet, now’s the perfect to ruffle up my feathers and become the wise old owl I try to be and share some of my simple secrets to a life worth living.

Alright secret number one, start appreciating everything, sounds simple right? Maybe even a little silly but trust me, once you learn to appreciate everything you’ll see a huge change on the way you view the world. Be grateful for the ladybugs that land on you, be thankful that someone left their parking spot early and have you a free 7 minutes. Honestly let those small things put you in a good mood!!

Now that you’ve let all the small stuff dictate your day it’s time to say bye bitches to all the people that are wet blankets or sore thumbs. Seriously though. If there’s a person in your life that’s made you think twice about the relationship or friendship kick ’em to the curb. They’re not worth the effort, no person that cares about you and wants you to be you will ever make you question their loyalty or intentions. There’s about 7.4 billion people on this earth, don’t feel like you won’t meet someone better, chances are, you will. Life is bigger than just what you see.

Be a good person! Simple, don’t treat people like shit and before you let something come out your mouth think about whether it’s relevant and kind or constructive. Appreciate your friends and family, learn from your enemies. Compliment strangers and go out of your way to help someone. You always feel better making someone else’s day better.

This is probably my biggest thing! Find something you love doing or that your good at and smash it, let yourself get addicted. For me it’s writing, I can sit for an entire day and not have a clue what’s going on outside of my head my paper and my pen. It’s the most calming, relaxing feeling, doing something that can put you in the most chilled out mood. Set goals with this hobby as well, it’ll keep you motivated stick to it!

Before you can truely be happy with your life you need to be happy with yourself. Learn how to forgive your mistakes and understand that you are human. Be so happy and content with the person you are and the path you’re walking that nobody can break you, don’t let some small persons opinion dictate the way you live your life.

Lastly but not at all least importantly, don’t hold grudges my friend. Don’t sweat the small stuff, but don’t let people walk all over you. Some people aren’t meant to be forgiven and that’s alright. But don’t put anymore energy into hating them or holding a grudge, let the anger go but don’t forget what they did, you can always learn from your enemies.

be kind and be grateful the two must important things to remember. My life has been so much better since I started living by these rules, I believe these along with a few inspirational quotes from Pinterest are the keys to pure happiness with yourself and along your journey. Just be true to who you are and love yourself, nobody can take that away from you!

I hope this has help to clear the fog XX

Red light

Why do some guys think that it’s alright to touch a girls body without being given permission? In any situation this is disgusting and shouldn’t be deemed as normal behaviour just because ‘it’s the way this generation is.’ Excuses like, “he’s drunk,” “she’s got ‘mean tits'” or “oh he’s always like this” are total bullshit, they’re not reasons to validate some sleezes behaviour touching a female without permission.

There’s no valid excuse under the sun that excuses un-consensual touching, messages, conversations or behaviour. I will never understand nor will I ever be okay with this, I don’t understand what goes through someone’s mind when they touch some random girls boobs or slap a girls ass, whether the guy knows her or not, it’s not okay unless she says it’s okay.

I even see girls just try laugh it off and move away from the guy, girls you’ve got to learn to say stop, or no, or stop fucking touching me. Honestly though, if someone touches you or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way you should not be afraid to stand up for yourself, it doesn’t matter the situation nor does it matter who’s on the receiving end of your declining invitation, you can say stop! Also girls, if you ever see a sister in a situation where she looks uncomfortable or afraid check on her, we have to have each other’s backs! You have the freedom to stop anything to do with you and your body. Don’t be ashamed, afraid or embarrassed. Say no, say stop.

The countdown

What a year 2017 has been. I think this has been the most stressful, heartbreaking, eye opening year so far, I’ve learnt and lost so much. But it’s about this time of year that everyone starts to look back and review their year, what we want to do next year, what we don’t want to change, what has to change and what we want to accomplish for the year ahead.

For me, well for me to look back it makes me realise how much I want to change. I let people walk over me, time and time again. I wore my heart on my sleeve too many times and got it broken every time. I made more than a few mistakes which have definitely cost me this year. But also I accomplished so much and didn’t give myself enough credit, so I would say 2017 has been a learning year.

So as 2018 swiftly approaches I’ve decided this will be the year of change and the best year yet. The mistakes of 2017 will not be make in the year to come. I will not pity myself or reminisce on the past, that’s not the way 2018 will be spent.

Going into 2018 though, I think the most important things for me and honestly everyone to remember is these; holding a grudge won’t accomplish anything, you’ll just feel like shit for it. Sorry and thank you are two very important words, but only if you speak them genuinely. Heart breaks aren’t just caused by boys with blue eyes, but your best friends too. Everyone has their bad days, think of the worst day in your life, everyone else you meet has felt that pain, be kind. Don’t ever compromise the things that make you, you. Not for anyone, never compromise your soul, your spirit or your heart. Evil is a quiet sound but it’s every where, be alert and think twice before you become vulnerable. For every terrible person there will be 2 beautiful, kind people, look at who you’re surrounding yourself with. Be kind to your family, they’re the friends that never leave.

Don’t be too hard on yourself in 2018, give yourself credit for the good you do and for making it through each day. Be safe, but still get your adrenaline pumping through your veins. Peace out 2017, you will not be missed


Rock the boat

Start a fucking revolution, don’t get stuck! We spend our whole lives in this constant orbit, school, work, family, money, then we die. But why, what’s the point? Why do we spend our entire lives working our asses off just do die in the end anyway. We were always taught to do what we were told, which was always to follow in this cycle that’s been going on for generations. It’s a joke, don’t do it. Honestly, don’t. Get out there and do something great, something brave. Just do something to rock the boat.

It doesn’t have to be finding the cure for cancer or being the first person ever to do something crazy. Just break the cycle forced upon us. Kiss on the first date, don’t put up with shit friends, travel the world, jump in a lake at 2am, stay out past curfew chasing the stars, do something for you. Just do something that gets your blood pumping, that makes your eyes wide and you bones shake. Do it for you, stop existing and start living. Tell someone you love them, tell your boss he’s an asshole, tell your parents about that tattoo you got. Rock the boat and make everyone look at you with fear because you’re doing something crazy, because you’re living and everyone else is too afraid.

Do something worth remembering my friend, you won’t look back in 70 Years and regret doing anything that made your heart skip a beat, I promise you that